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engineering and 

consulting services

Take the next step and bring your ideas to life.

Introducing our law firm

Let us do what we do best

Our solutions are tailored to the circumstances of each project to suit each our clients specific needs. We work directly with you to identify the relevant design and engineering challenges, provide technical support and assist with manufacturing.

Bringing ideas to market is never an easy process and every product development + commercialization journey is unique. Our team works in concert to to bring inspired designs to a functioning product that is manufactured to our clients specifications. 


Engineering Consulting

We help you make better decisions to drive new ideas to market. Our strategic partnerships help you mitigate risk and maximize opportunity through an evolving approach to innovation.


Product Management

We provide consulting on both short & long-term projects including customer and market research, product strategy, and market analysis to help put your best foot forward.


 Product Development

We offer expertise that covers the complete process of bringing new products to market. From idea to execution, our team works in tandem to understand your product at its core. 


Graphic Design

We offer design, messaging, and research services for all of digital and printed elements to assure that your brand experience comprehensively captures your essence for key audiences.

Dr. Peter Lucon, PE

Founder & Senior Engineering Consultant

With extensive experience across industries, technologies, and regions, we bring a fresh perspective to your biggest challenges. We combine the best of design thinking, strategy, and cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative solutions for better results.

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Some changes are better to made sooner rather than later

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