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Meeting Between Colleagues

Company Vision

We share a constant drive to challenge ourselves to grow, develop new solutions, and generate novel ideas. With these expectations serving as the foundation for everything we do, we believe that taking care of our relationships is paramount. Our expert team of developers, designers, project managers, and leaders work together in a friendly, fun, fast-paced atmosphere with benefits and compensation that surpass the industry standard.

Our Associates


Dr. Peter Lucon, P.E.

Founder & Senior Engineering Consultant

On a ranch in southwest Montana, Peter observed at a young age that machines inevitably break, are fixed, and fail again. The desire to break the failure cycled resulted in a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. While working as a salaried engineer in R&D for a small company, he earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University. He found a passion for developing robust designs and bringing products to market, eventfully reaching Director of Technology and Processing. As a PhD candidate he discovered the joy of teaching the next generation, ultimately leading to a career in academia.  Bring his experience as a practicing engineer honed by cutting-edge research to your story.  

Our Team
Fixing a Computer

Our Values


Our approach to engineering and design is holistic. We view the innovation and iteration phases as being as important as building and launching the product. We integrate expertise at every stage of the process – with your original vision at top of mind – to ensure we create lasting value.

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"Lucon Engineering have painlessly brought us to the forefront of current industry knowledge, thus significantly reducing our operational risks and uncertainties."

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